I worked with Wendy as my professional coach. She established a bond of trust and compassion almost instantly with her rapport. With Wendy as a guide, we explored my options in a nonjudgmental manner, always focused upon my agenda. Even as a gentle guide, she retains a purposeful and subtle way of holding one accountable when it is needed. I've overcome many obstacles and found direction for the growth of my business, thanks to her wonderful techniques.

Lynn Toomey

There are certain people whose skills naturally lend themselves to certain professions. Even before I began my experience as a client of Wendy’s coaching, she had given me expert advice and guidance years earlier through a traumatic time. I had no doubts she would be able to offer expertise to my financial situation when I began coaching with her in fall of 2011.

What I did not realize at the time was the depth of my dilemma. Without anticipating the circumstances that came into play, Wendy was able to set me up ahead of time in such a way that I was much better able to deal with adverse situations that arose. It was a challenging period, and Wendy’s support was both heartfelt and uplifting at a time when it was difficult for me to maintain a sense that it was possible to navigate my way forward...

S. K.
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Wendy Drobnyk is a thoughtful, reassuring, and above all motivating coach. She helped me to form my career and personal goals, and she assisted me in developing a path for pursuing them.

When I was setting the ground work for beginning my career, I had a lot of questions. Is this the right one for me? Where I can find the advice I need to make sound decisions? Where can I get my bearings in this field? Ms. Drobnyk helped me, not by telling me which path I should follow, but by giving me the skills I needed to create my own.

I had the fortune to speak with Wendy over the course of a few months last spring. At the time, my career and personal plans were vague. I was fresh out of college, and a bit overwhelmed by all of the possibilities, particularly because my major had not directed me toward a specific field. I had an idea of one direction I wanted to move in, but I saw many other viable options as well. I didn’t know how to narrow the field and proceed. A friend put me in touch with Wendy.

After our first conversation, I knew that Wendy had just the sort of advice I had been looking for. She has worked in a helping profession for much of her career, and she reassured me that my concerns were valid, and that my experience was not uncommon.

Dan LaFontaine
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Reference John Countryman

If someone asked me (and they often do) to recommend a coach, Wendy Drobnyk would be the first name that would come to mind. Wendy is a remarkable coach and extraordinary human being. Wendy has extensive experience as a ‘transitions coach’ or—I’m inclined to say—‘transformations coach’. Wendy has devoted her life to the field of occupational therapy as a practitioner, teacher, and scholar and is at her best when working with individuals about to enter the field or those who’ve decided to take their practice to the ‘next level’. But you don’t need to be an aspiring occupational therapist to avail yourself of her many talents. In truth, Wendy’s foremost gift lies in an ability to engage with individuals from any walk of life who find themselves at a crossroads, not only to identify and achieve their goals, but also to thrive.

The combination of Wendy’s strength of character, authenticity, generosity, sincere regard for others, and ‘big picture’ consciousness, not to mention her catalog of life lessons, credentials, and helping skills, position her as one of the country’s foremost change agents. Enlisting Wendy to join you on your journey from an ‘OK’ to an optimal life will be the best decision you’ve ever made.

Dr. John Countryman, CPC
Professor, Berry College
Fulbright Scholar and Visiting Professor
National University of Ireland-Galway